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Ubiquiti Networks UniFi Beam Forming BaseStation UWB-XG-US

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ETA: June 30th

Part #: UWB-XG 

The UniFi WiFi BaseStation XG delivers unprecedented wireless awareness and security, including tools for real-time spectrum monitoring, airtime utilization analytics, and intrusion detection/prevention.

Using a persistent spectral scan, the UniFi WiFi BaseStation XG constantly monitors the RF environment to check for both potential malicious activity and the best channel for network performance. The dedicated security radio allows the UniFi WiFi BaseStation XG to scan for security threats, such as malicious frames and rogue access points, while maintaining throughput for client devices. At the same time, UniFi, in conjunction with the UniFi WiFi BaseStation XG, analyzes and displays the wireless spectrum and airtime utilization to allow the network admin to have unprecedented real-time visibility into the spectral and protocol usage in the network.

Please note, this product cannot be returned once shipped, except for facilitating Ubiquiti's RMA process for defective unit exchange or repair.